Areas with abundant nature and rich culture are now enjoying the fastest growth amongst the world tourism destinations – National Geographic

What is Sustainable Tourism?

“Sustainable Tourism actively fosters appreciation and stewardship of the natural, cultural and historic resources and special places by local residents, the tourism industry, governments, and visitors. It is tourism which is viable over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place.” – Tourism Industry Association of Canada

The continued development of a Sustainable Tourism economy is at the heart of the Amazing Places Project. We only promote visitation to places which can handle such an increase without jeopardizing what makes them Amazing Places to begin with. While we consider all nominations we receive, only those which meet our selection criteria are eligible to be chosen. Each biosphere reserve has its own selection committee consisting of biosphere staff, representatives from Parks Canada, Ontario Parks, conservation authorities, and regional tourism organizations.

Are you a local business owner? By making sustainability a focus you can:

  • Attract green-savvy consumers
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Develop a competitive advantage
  • Minimise operating risks
  • Minimise transport costs

Tourists are looking for sustainable tourism options:

  • 54% are likely to ensure their future travel choices are consistent with the objectives of sustainable tourism.
  • 40% have considered the impact of their vacation when choosing a travel destination.
  • 49% would choose to participate only in activities with sustainable benefits.
  • 34% would switch from their preferred destination to another offering more sustainable tourism options.
  • 28% would pay a premium for their trip to directly support local workers/businesses/community initiatives/the local environment.

(TNS Canadian Facts)