You will know an amazing place the moment you see it… It may be a vista so powerful and majestic that it will literally take your breath away. Or, it may be a scene or a place that will simply cause you to take pause in order to soak it all in, a place where you can draw on a deep well of energy emanating from the serene beauty of the view. An amazing place can be different things to different people: mystical, magical, grandiose, bizarre, unique, breath-taking and awe-inspiring, or even a combination of all of these things. It certainly can tell a story.

Amazing Places are opportunities to educate and inspire visitors about their natural surroundings, and to create a connection that can quickly become powerful and deeply personal. Amazing Places tell a story about physical, biological or historical features in publicly accessible locations. Following the do no harm model, Amazing Places are chosen in locations that can handle increased visitation without compromising what makes the place Amazing.

Amazing Places is based on a mapping project launched by the Fundy Biosphere Reserve in New Brunswick. It began with the desire to guide visitors beyond the national park boundaries, and especially promote hiking on the Fundy Footpath. Through the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and Mountain Equipment Co-op, three biosphere reserves in Ontario have launched an Amazing Places pilot project, which will highlight the biosphere regions’ unique environmental and cultural significance.

As the project grows, it will encourage people to get out and explore the Amazing Places in Ontario’s biosphere reserves, highlighting unique biodiversity, topography, landscapes or views that depict the character of each region.

Thanks to our supporting partners.