Twin Points Trail – Killbear Provincial Park

This trail showcases the breathtaking scenery of Killbear Provincial Park.

The trail will guide you through forests and rock barrens, leading you to a hidden beach between rocky points overlooking Killbear Peninsula. The shoreline’s smooth rocks are the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the sounds and sights of Georgian Bay. An interpretative guide is available at the trailhead to learn more about the geology of the area.

The colourful forest includes, red maple, white pine, red oak, yellow and white birch. From spring to autumn, the ground cover is constantly changing trillium, moccasin flower, blue- beaded lily, bristly sarsaparilla, golden rod and aster.

With the variety of habitats, avid bird watchers will enjoy a hike along the trail. Warblers concentrate in the forested areas, birds such as brown thrasher and eastern towhee favour the rock barrens, while waterbirds can be spotted along the shoreline. The massasauga rattlesnake is as much a part of the Killbear landscape as the rocky shoreline. They are a threatened species and are increasingly rare, largely due to road mortality. To assist with research efforts, please let staff know if you see a rattlesnake. Remember to stay at least 2 metres away from the snake.

The Anishinabek called this peninsula Mko-neyaash (which translates to Bear Point). Black bears readily swim the narrow gap from present day Lighthouse Point to Wasauksing (Parry Island).  When Europeans arrived, they began to refer to the peninsula as Killbear Point rather than Bear Point.


Take the time to visit the other outstanding features in the park such as Lighthouse Point trail, Lookout Point trail, Harold Point rocks and the award winning visitor centre.


Little Brown Bat (Little Brown Myotis)

Once the most common bat species in Canada, this small bat is now endangered because of an introduced disease. Learn more about the Little Brown Bat and please report sightings of species at risk! 


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Killbear Provincial Park

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