Big Creek National Wildlife Area

Over 300 different species of birds pass through the Long Point area every year during migration periods. The Big Creek National Wildlife Area has a gorgeous 2km trail through the marshes in the Long Point area. This area is home to birds, frogs, turtles, amphibians, insects and many other species which rely on the wetland for their main habitat. These marshes are remarkably undisturbed compared to other marshes along the Great Lakes coasts. The trail takes you through different parts of the marsh, with some grassy areas and some open water areas. At the trail head, there is a lookout point and small lookout tower so you can see out over the marshlands. If you’re quiet enough going up the tower, the marsh will likely be filled with waterfowl (depending on the time of the year). If you want to see a variety of species of birds, go in the spring or fall when they are migrating.

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