Rose Point Trail

Travel this old railway bed to discover the rich history, geology and natural beauty of the area.


In the late 1800’s, JR Booth constructed a railway to move lumber from central Ontario to shipping yards on Georgian Bay. This railway was also the shortest link to connect together western Canada to eastern Canada.  Today, the Rose Point Trail is a 6km portion of the greater Park-to-Park Trail located James Bay Junction Road South through to Rose Point Road.

Hike, bike, horseback ride,  cross-country ski, or snowshoe on this 6km trail and discover the nature and history surrounding it. During the snow-free months, listen for a variety of bird species and amphibians that can be heard calling from the forest and wetland habitats along the trail.  On a warm sunny day, keep your eyes out for turtles basking in any of the wetlands along the trail.

This trail is also available to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles with proper permits.


Listen for the loud and distinct “quick, three beers” song of the olive-sided flycatcher as you walk the Rose Point Trail. This medium-sized song bird is typically found perched at the tops of trees and makes quick short flights to catch insects and then return to its perch.

Please report your sightings of this threatened bird!

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Seguin Township – Rose Point Recreational Trail

There are multiple trailheads, including at:

Glenn Burney Road (45.314835, -80.038047)

James Bay Junction Road (45.315914, -79.986644)

Cargill Drive (45.313719, -79.982223)


James Bay Junction Road
Parry Sound P2A 2W8 ON CA
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