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Landon Bay: granite-lined fiord, cliff-top Islands to Adirondack views, nature camp, fabulous trails, rich wildlife, inspiration for the soul

A truly Amazing Place, no matter how you look at it! Landon Bay is about five kilometers east of Gananoque.  It is one of the largest bays in the Thousand Islands, and extends nearly two kilometers inland. It is broad and shallow where it opens onto the river, making it a key spawning area for fish and vital refuge for turtles. About halfway in, it abruptly narrows and becomes dramatically confined between steep, high granite rock walls. The fiord-like bay inspires all those who paddle in summer, ski and snowshoe in favourable winters, and those who hike the trails year round.

One of the best viewpoints in the region is from the cliff-top Landon Bay Lookout, an easy ½ km. woodland walk from the recreation area within the Landon Bay Centre. On a clear day, you can see up and down the island-jewelled river, and see the steep rolling hills of the Adirondack Mountains. The trail to the lookout meanders through rich woodlands, so ecologically rich that the path passes through a study plot of the Smithsonian Institute.  The Landon Bay Centre was established in 1960 to create a camping, hiking and learning centre so that everyone could enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of the property.  It has, historically, been managed by the Barbara Heck Foundation (now the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Foundation) and maintained by a loving and devoted team of volunteers and every summer hosts the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network’s summer Nature Camp.

Management of the centre has passed to Parks Canada.  In an effort to breath new life into the centre, an extensive renovation plan is being developed.

Give your child the opportunity to learn all about the wonders of the Frontenac Arch at Landon Bay during one of the 8 weeks of day camp.

As Parks Canada plans become available, we will update this page on the accessibility of the site and all the wonderful additions this renovation will bring.


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Cycling: Landon Bay is accessible off the Multi-use Recreational Trail operated by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission. The trail stretches 37km from Brockville to Gananoque, with multiple parking locations along the route.

The Brockville – Gananoque Coffee Run

Sweets and High Points Tour – Gananoque – Lansdowne

Paddling: Thousand Islands: Navy Islands

While you’re there, check out the rest of the extensive trail network winding through FAB!

How to get to Landon Bay

Driving: Landon Bay is located on the Thousand Islands Parkway. If you are travelling westbound on the 401, take exit 661 to merge on to Thousand Islands Bridge/ON-137S and exit right on to the parkway. Travel approx. 8km on the parkway. If you are travelling eastbound on the 401, take exit 647-648 for the Thousand Islands Parkway toward Rockport. Travel approx. 6km on the parkway.

How to explore Landon Bay

Garden Trail: Stroll the easy access Garden Trail through a section of forest and alongside Halstead Creek. You will stroll through a Fern Glen, along the shore of wetlands and beside a beaver dam.

Halstead Creek Trail: This trail takes one through hemlock, white pine and hardwood forest, and along Halstead Creek past the Osprey Nest.

Riverview Trail: The short trail offers a fantastic view of the river. It also has a picnic table, carry in .. carry out of course.

Look-out Trail: This trail is for sure-footed walkers and leads past a large rare pitch pine tree and eventually to the Look-out with its panoramic view of the 1000 islands.

Donevan Trail: Follow the 5km trail named in recognition of Charlie and Kay Donevan’s many contributions to the development of the property. Parts of this trail are of medium difficulty. You should have good footwear…not sandals. This trail also takes you to the Lookout with its panoramic view of Landon Bay and the 1000 islands. Large white pine and hemlock as well as many deciduous trees make up the forest.

The Bay Trail: This trail will take you along the shoreline of Landon Bay where you may see an osprey diving for a fish to bring back to the nest. This trail is of medium difficulty.



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