Fairy Lake

Picturesque Fairy Lake is tucked into the Canadian Shield at the north end of Beausoleil Island.  This small, blue lake is surrounded by colourful rock ridges and offers breathtaking views of Georgian Bay Islands National Park and the surrounding UNESCO world biosphere reserve.

Fairy Lake is accessed by its namesake 2.5 km trail. This must-hike loop trail traverses a variety of habitats including small wetlands, forests and rock barrens. Colourful signage shares the story of Miinkekwe (Blueberry Picking Woman) and her fateful encounter with the dreadful Migcheshibzhii.

Fairy Lake is located on an island, and can only be reached by boat. For information on the Parks Canada DayTripper boat shuttle service, or private water taxi options, please visit their website. 

Species in the Spotlight

Scott Gillingwater






The tiny western chorus frog is a member of the tree frog family. This threatened species is seldom seen however can be heard in spring with its raspy “cre-ee-ee-eek” call that sounds a bit like a thumbnail drawn over the teeth of a small comb.

Learn more and please report your sightings of species at risk. 


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