Christian Beach – Georgian Bay Islands National Park

On the west side of Beausoleil Island is a secluded beach that offers fabulous sunsets.

Christian Beach is located on the western shore of Beausoleil Island in one of Canada’s special places: Georgian Bay Islands National Park (GBI). Nestled in the famous 30,000 islands, the world’s largest chain of freshwater islands, GBI is an inspiring landscape where the rugged scenery of the Canadian Shield blends into rich hardwood forests teeming with bird life.

Beausoleil Island is the largest island in the park and is boat access only. Boat, kayak, or take a Watertaxi,  and once there you can explore the trails on foot or by bike. There are four waterfront cabins at Christian Beach that offer a comfortable retreat after a day on the trails.

Beausoleil is found on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield and the transition is readily apparent in many areas. The intersection of the two distinct regions allows for a variety of wildlife to flourish. The venomous but shy massausauga rattlesnake may be found on the island. They are a threatened species and are increasingly rare, largely due to habitat loss. To assist with research efforts, please let park staff know if you see a rattlesnake. Remember to stay at least 2 metres away from the snake.

Species in the Spotlight


Try to spot this small, sky-blue cerulean warbler high in the tops of mature deciduous trees. Listen for the buzzy “zee zee zizizizizi eet” call of this threatened species.

Please report your sightings of species at risk. 

Plan Your visit

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Georgian Bay Islands National Park

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