Canada’s 1st Forestry Station

Canada's First Forestry Station

The offer of free land for clearing the forests and savanna’s of Norfolk County was an irresistible attraction to early immigrants. In the 1800’s they cleared many areas unsuitable for agriculture and sandstorms blew away the topsoil leaving barren sub-soil.
Local conservation leaders successfully appealed to the Provincial Government for a tree nursery and sustainable forest management demonstration, which was instituted 1908. The success of the enterprise was replicated across the Province resulting in more than two billion trees being planted. Norfolk County went from being a “Waste Land” to being “Ontario’s Garden” in a hundred years.
The Interpretive Centre features photographs and artifacts that chronicle the success and the people involved. Many unusual “Carolinian” trees are labelled on the grounds. There is a half hour trail which takes you through Ontario’s first plantation of White Pine.

FYI: We are wheelchair accessible, bike friendly, have picnic facilities and washrooms.