Attawandaron Cycling Route

Norfolk County

Enjoy breathtaking scenery while you “cruise” along beautiful and historical pathways within the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve.

The 108 km cycling route is dedicated to the indigenous people who lived along the shore of Lake Erie during the 16th and 17th centuries. The name “Attawandaron” means “people of a slightly different language”. To Europeans, they were known as the Neutral Nation. They lived in harmony with nature and did not significantly alter the landscape.

The Attawandaron Cycling Route provides visitors and local residents with a special connection to Norfolk County’s natural and indigenous history while viewing wonderful scenery and lots of wildlife along the way.  As well, this route assists in moving forward the important cycling destination that Norfolk County has become!

The Route

The route starts and ends in Port Rowan.  Head west on Front Street as it turns into Lakeshore Road/County Road 42.  You will pass Bird Studies Canada and the Long Point Waterfowl display area before heading out of town past the important Long Point marsh area.  Continue to follow Lakeshore Road and you will see hundreds of wind turbines where you can stop to check out the educational display.  You’ll also pass Sandhill Park, famous for its huge sand dunes and clay lined beach.  When you hit Country Road 28, turn right (north) toward Fairground.  Turn right onto Fairground Road to head into Cultus.  Turn right onto Concession Road 6 and then take your next left onto Cultus Road.  Cultus Road ends at Houghton Walsingham Townline where you will turn right.  Follow this road to Concession 1, where you will turn left to continue through the countryside.  When you reach Bay Street/County Road 42 you will turn left and go past the Backus Heritage Conservation Area.  Once you pass Backus, you will take your next left onto East Quarter Line and then your next right on to Concession Road 3.  When you hit Forestry Farm Road, you have to turn right and then take a quick left onto Concession Road 1/Charlotteville Road 1.  Follow this to Turkey Point Road where you will turn left.  Take Turkey Point Road across Highway 24 until you hit Charlotteville Road 4 where you will turn right and pass through the village of Vittoria.  Turn right on Highway 24 and take your next left onto Radical Road.  Take your next right onto Port Ryerse Road and pass by Hay Creek.  At the next stop sign, take a left onto Simcoe Street/King Street/Road 57 and follow to Front Road.  Turn right onto Front Road.  In Fisher’s Glen you will turn left onto Fisher’s Glen Road and then follow the bend back onto Front Road.  Just outside Normandale you will turn left onto Spooky Hollow Road and then come to a stop sign where you will turn right back onto Front Road.  Continue following Front Road past the Long Point Eco-Adventures  and Burning Kiln Winery.  When you reach St. Williams you will turn left at the stop sign and a quick right to get back onto Front Road.  Continue along Front Road back to Port Rowan.